The 5 Features Casting Devices Offers

The casting devices are used to initiate and control the internet streamed content from the mobile phone on a compatible device such as TV or other audio systems. They are portable and easy to use. The user can carry the casting device along with them and plug to stream the content on the compatible device. It lets the user listen to music, watch videos and play games.

The users can also use different types of apps from the internet on the TV with a casting device. It displays the content on the TV by taking it from the internet.

Some features of the casting devices:

There are features provided by the casting device, some of them are watching streaming videos, displaying photos, listening to streaming audio, playing games and mirroring PC and device screens to the TV.

  • Watching streaming videos

The casting device allows the user to watch streaming videos. The user can watch the video content on the full screen. It allows the user to watch videos from Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, ESPN, Disney, Amazon Video, HBO, NBA, Showtime, DirectTV Now and other content providers. It allows the user to stream live videos. It also allows the user to stream on-demand content from the apps.

  • Displaying photo

The casting device allows the user to display the photos from the built-in photo apps on the device to the TV. The users can also add other apps so that they can view, edit and share the picture with that app using the casting device.

  • Listening to streaming audio

The casting device allows the user to stream audio. They can use the casting device to listen to audio on the home audio system. It lets the user play music from popular audio service providers. It lets the user stream audio from Spotify, Google Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora and other audio service providers. The casting device also allows the user to listen to the podcasts that are available by the podcasts channel.

  • Playing games

The casting device lets the user play games. The user needs a Wi-Fi connection and they are good to play the games using the casting device. With the casting device, they can play any type of game on the compatible device. The user can also add the controller to play the games. In the community of gamer, game streaming is one of the most popular activities.

  • Mirroring PC and device screens to the TV

The user can use the casting device to mirror the entire screen of the mobile phone to the TV. If some video is only available online, then the user can use a casting device to mirror the screen to the TV.  They can display the presentation to the screen or read an email with the casting device. Basically, with the casting device, they can mirror the content to the TV wirelessly.


The casting device is a simple way to watch video content on the TV. They are the best devices for streaming. It is easy to plug the casting device to the TV. You can control the casting device with your voice. It is easy to set up the casting device. It is smaller in size which makes it portable. People who travel often, for them, the casting device is very convenient.

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