How To Use TV Buddy Caster (Explained)

We have evolved in a world where there is entertainment available everywhere. From going on a road trip to an air trip we are access to the internet and entertainment everywhere. But some people are not satisfied with the small screens of mobile. So we admire to watch our desired videos or episodes of serials once missed on TV. People also like to watch web series telecasted on applications like Netflix. To enhance such experience on a much bigger screen, TV Buddy Caster if the product you require. 

How to choose a casting device?

Many companies are selling their casting devices like Google and Amazon but not everyone is perfect. Some products have superior quality and expensive price while some have cheaply priced but have inferior quality. The point that arises from this is selecting a product with affordable price and superior quality. While buying a casting device you need to consider some points. 

  • One should ensure that the product he/she is buying doesn’t have an issue of a data breach or privacy. 
  • Price matters a lot in a product buying process. The buyer must ensure that the product sits in the budget. 
  • Quality is the most important factor in buying any product. The buyer should ensure that the quality is not compromised to reduce the price of it.
  • A caster should provide a seamless experience for streaming any content. 
  • Many casters don’t support most of the entertainment applications but the TV Buddy Caster has a different mindset at this point as there are over 25 applications supported by the TV Buddy Caster.
  • The TV Buddy Caster provides a visual experience of 1080P Full HD resolution display. 
  • Reviews and ratings are an integral part of building up a tough opinion. This casting device has over 80% of positive reviews and ratings over 4 by over a hundred people. 

TV Buddy Caster

TV Buddy Caster is a famous product in America and some other countries. For those who are not aware of it, then it is an online video and audio streaming device. 

Steps to operate TV Buddy Caster. There are many such products provided by even big companies like Google but they lack privacy and have a lot of trackers and advertisement issues. Streaming with a computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop, and television is one of the strong and influential features. 

Steps to operate TV Buddy Caster

Some other products require a lot of steps to operate it but this requires few. These steps are listed down. 

  • Plug-in the USB cord provided inside the box one side with the TV and the other with the in a socket near the TV and switch it on. 
  • Connect the WiFi network to your TV. 
  • Install the preferred entertainment application in the TV Buddy Caster with the help of a WiFi connection. 
  • You can stream any video you want in just a few seconds by using the remote controller provided with the device. 


It is difficult to choose the best casting device which fits in your budget with quality unbeatable. But through this article, you might get a basic idea about why to buy the TV Buddy Caster and how to use it in true sense? By looking at its features as well as price, I would strongly recommend this product.

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  1. sharon carroll

    Once connected, can regular cable programs still be watched and how? does it need to be disconnected? Can I use my tablet instead of phone?

  2. sharon carroll

    Also, can you watch more than one app. , like Pluto and Prime at same time or do you need separate devices.

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