Choosing TV Buddy Caster – All You Should Know

Everyone loves watching movies, tv-series, web-series, etc. on bigger screens as it provides higher resolutions and clarity. This statement has been proved true both practically and psychologically. It also provides a higher satisfaction level because the viewers can relax and eat something while watching the shows without disturbing their comfortable angle or hurting their neck. An HD streaming or casting device would be perfect to fulfill this requirement.

TV Buddy Caster is a casting and streaming device which lets its user watch videos on bigger screens in full HD without any hassle. Cable TV viewers have started shifted towards HD TV streaming services which work with the help of the internet so that the users can enjoy their favorite shows by laying down on their bed anytime and can also cast the mobile screens on the TV screens.

TV Buddy Caster is a lot better than other casting devices because there are not plenty of ads and trackers to disrupt the flawless viewing experience. The only requirement of casting devices to work is an internet connection.

Why Should You Choose TV Buddy Caster?

It is just a matter of seconds to connect the device with the TV screen and start watching your favorite shows instantly. Connecting it is very simple and not a complicated process.

There are no delays while using this casting device and it also provides services or features which are not to be seen in other casting devices. The procedure of transmission is even possible while the user is watching shows in full HD.

There is nothing better than on-demand television where you can watch anything at any point in time without any delay or hassle.

How to Use it?

Initially, the user should ensure that he/she has a power adapter, active internet connection, USB interface power supply, and a mobile device handy before starting to connect the device.

Firstly, the casting device should be connected to the viewing screen through the respective port. Then, choose what you want to watch through your mobile phone, and it will start screening the same content on the viewing screen.

The setup of the casting device is too simple, and anyone can do it in just a few seconds.

Devices Which Work with the TV Buddy Caster

There are other devices other than mobile phones as well which can assist the user in streaming the favorite shows or series on the bigger screen. These devices include smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, and smart televisions.

People who are going to use their computers to connect it to the casting device, they need to make sure that the computer has Bluetooth capability and a wireless card. The user will be able to connect it with as many devices as he/she wants by connecting the wireless card into the PC.

Supported Formats

The supported video formats are MOV, MKV, RM, TS, VOB, FLV, AVI, and MKV. JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and PNG are the supported photo formats.

WMA, APE, AAC, MP3, WAV, and OGG are the supported audio formats.


Casting devices are taking place of the cable television as they provide the on-demand viewing experience and the users can watch the shows or movies whenever they want with just a few clicks. It doesn’t require much effort to connect the device with the TV screen and it is ready in a few seconds to start flawless streaming.

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